Distributorship List

Collaboration of synergies, knowledge and experience.

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Aci Logo

Distributor and Stockist for Aerospace Metals, Interior cabin product, Flexible Hoses, couplings and fittings (Orkal).
ATA Various

1 Adhetec

Aircraft liveries, adhesive tapes and films, aircraft technical markings and decals.
ATA 11
CAGE: F7828

Aero Logo

Aircraft and Airport ground support equipment (GSE) solutions. A member of the ALVEST Group includes TLD and Powervamp.
ATA 12
CAGE: 0T652

Anker Logo

Manufacturer of fully recyclable Aircraft CARPETS in 100% Wool and 100% Econyl (Nylon).
ATA 25
CAGE: D4844

4 Belgraver

Partner in aircraft interior solutions (plastic parts, arm caps, upholstery).
ATA 25
CAGE: H3155

1 Callington

Chemical manufacturers for global aviation: aircraft approved insecticides; widely used, effective and ready to use aircraft hygiene products.
ATA chapter 25
CAGE: Z5104

1 Eastman

Brings together Eastman™ Turbo Oils, Skydrol® aviation hydraulic fluids, and SkyKleen® aviation solvents.
ATA 49

7 Ffe

Manufacturer of Aviation Fire Extinguisher products for Aircraft cabin, cockpit and lavatory applications.
ATA 26
CAGE: U3061

8 Goodyear

Regional, Commercial, Military and Business Aircraft tires and tubes manufactured by and on behalf of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and its subsidiaries.
ATA 32
CAGE: 73842


Lufthansa Technik emergency escape path lighting systems. No batteries required, no wiring, no life limitation, no maintenance, no special testing tools, saving time and money.
ATA 33
CAGE: C1008

10 Holmco

Aviation certified microphones, headphones, headsets, and handsets.
ATA 23
CAGE: D9240

1 Honeywell

As distributor for Africa, we have access to 100% Honeywell genuine parts – from smallest consumable to an APU!
ATA 21, 32, 36, 49 & 78
CAGE: 7X000 & SCY35

1 Hutchinson

Barry controls (vibration isolation systems), JPR (sealing systems), Strativer (composite panel).
ATA Various
CAGE: 13636 / 1041A


ALEXIT-FST interior (water and solvent based) and exterior paint in conventional (UVR) and high solid low VOC.
ATA Various
CAGE: D2603

1 Perrone

Design and manufacture of performance leathers and textiles.
ATA 25
CAGE: 49U11

1 Saint Gobain

Aircraft cockpit windows and cabin windows on ATR, A320, A330/A340 and wing tips light covers on ATR.
ATA 56
CAGE: F0360

13 Schneller

Engineered decorative products for interiors. Qualified supplier to all major aircraft manufacturers.
ATA 25

15 Vision Systems

Cabin management package, In Flight Entertainment (IFE) system, multimedia system, video control and surveillance system.
ATA 25
CAGE: F3853